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SINGLE "Be Brave Enough..." card w/Hair Tie (RTS)

SINGLE "Be Brave Enough..." card w/Hair Tie (RTS)

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**Ribbon color/Card combinations may vary from those shown on photo.

Introducing our uplifting and compact Positive Message Card! Measuring just 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches, this little gem packs a big dose of inspiration. This single card is meticulously crafted to bring joy and motivation to your day. Featuring a beautifully written, heartfelt message of encouragement, it's the perfect pick-me-up for yourself or a thoughtful thank-you gift for your client.

But that's not all—this charming card comes with an extra touch of sweetness. Attached delicately to this card is a stylish and functional colorful elastic hair tie. Whether you wear it on your wrist as a fashion accessory or use it to tame your tresses, it serves as a gentle reminder of the positive energy and confidence that surrounds you.

Designed to fit in your wallet, pocket, or even a small purse, our Positive Message Card is your portable source of inspiration, always at your fingertips. Pull it out whenever you need a boost, and let the empowering words and the accompanying hair tie uplift your spirit and brighten your day.

Spread positivity wherever you go with our enchanting Positive Message Card—it's a little treasure that leaves a lasting impact.

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