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Dozen "Fortune Cookies From God" Cards

Dozen "Fortune Cookies From God" Cards

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Introducing our uplifting and compact Fortune Cookie Card /package of 12. 

Measuring just 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches, this little gem packs a big dose of interactive inspiration. Each card is meticulously crafted to bring joy and motivation to your day. Featuring a beautifully written, heartfelt message of encouragement, it's the perfect pick-me-up for yourself or a thoughtful thank-you gift for your client.  

Each 'dozen' pacakge contains 12 different messages (one message per card) that are hidden and only revealed upon scratching off the outer layer of the message!  

Designed to fit in your wallet, pocket, or even a small purse, our Positive Message Card is your portable source of inspiration, always at your fingertips. Pull it out whenever you need a boost, and let the empowering words and the accompanying hair tie uplift your spirit and brighten your day.

Spread positivity wherever you go with our enchanting Positive Message Card—it's a little treasure that leaves a lasting impact.

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