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"Bloom Wherever You're Planted" Seed Filler 20 Pack

"Bloom Wherever You're Planted" Seed Filler 20 Pack

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New and improved Spring Garden Filler Pack! Bursting with gratitude and the promise of new beginnings, this charming set includes everything you need to spread the joys of the season. Inside each clear cello bag, you'll find a packet of vibrant flower seeds, a stylish hairtie for effortless springtime hairdos, a colorful 3.5" x 2.5"  "Bloom Wherever You're Planted" card and a whimsical die-cut sticker  . Sealed and ready to share, and garnished with a "Thank you for heling My Business Bloom" sticker!  It's the ideal token of appreciation for customers, friends, or loved ones.  

Flower seed packet varieties, stickers, and hairties vary.  Turn-around-time 1-3 business days.  (we strive for the quickest TAT possible!)


Total Contents Include:

Sealed and ready to Go:

  1. 1 seed Packet
  2. 1 stylish hair tie
  3. 1 3.5" x 2.5" colorful "Bloom Wherever You're Planted" card
  4. 1 whimsical die cut flower sticker
  5. garnished with 1 thermal sticker on outside of packet "Thank you  for Helping my Business Bloom"
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